You are...

overwhelmed by your high sensitivity

experiencing physical pain or discomfort

feeling stuck and don't know what the next action steps are



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I am a psychic healer and women's wellness practitioner that serves all genders who are seeking a healing model that addresses ALL of the bodies simultaneously (physical, emotional, energetic, subtle).  I get to the ROOT of health problems you are experiencing and often discover imbalances you may be unaware of.  My work is not a quick fix service.  It is an investment of stepping fully into your POWER!  

There are so many unexplainable and explainable ailments that I believe stem from our disempowerment.  This disempowerment has anchored deeply into our subconscious belief systems, our lineage lines, our energy centers, and our physical bodies.  It is wreaking havoc in our systems and our lives, causing great dis-ease among us.  

As a highly sensitive woman myself, traditional methods of healing, both western and eastern, are no longer satisfying the depth of healing I am seeking.  My being is calling for a radically thorough approach!  New ailments are surfacing that have deep, old traumas and patterns as their root cause.  They are showing us through discomfort and pain where we have not stepped fully back into our power.  They are revealing to us that WE ARE READY TO SHED THESE IMBALANCES AND HEAL.  They are demanding us to create new patterns and empowered pathways that will allow us to exist solely in a place of wholeness and love.  

My passion and my work is dedicated to helping you see the truth of where your disempowerment lies and how this affects you on a daily basis.  For the past several years, I have been developing a new system of healing called The Wheel of Whole Body Healing.  It addresses the multiple threads within us that cause imbalance to manifest in the physical body.  It is a kind of healing that orients to the body and dis-ease from a place of multidimensional wisdom - a gorgeous blend of cosmic seeing and deep feminine intuition, combined with practical strategies to support the body and mind.  

To have the courage and willingness to fully EMBODY YOUR POWER is to heal.  

I believe this is the key to health.     

If this resonates deeply in your being, please take a moment to fill out an application for a free consultation. During this consultation, we will determine together how I can help address your challenges. 

Together we will discover the roots of imbalance within your system and attune your body to love! 

It IS possible to be living a vibrant life full of Vitality, Love, and Choice!


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