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Listen to Emily's powerful story about her experience with Thyroid Cancer!


Emily Colwell Meyers - 

Asheville, NC


Listen to Emily share her story of finding clarity, inspiration,
and a deeper understanding of herself and her business goals.


Emily Leefe Foster -
Co-founder Glow Flow Chefs & Health Coach Extraordinaire

New Orleans, LA


Listen to Anna share her story with healing symptoms of Lyme's Disease.


Anna Lumina - 

Asheville, NC


A picture is worth a thousand words!  Here is a before and after photo of a client who did a 6 month apprenticeship with me.  Her life changed in many profound ways including losing over 30 pounds and restoring her physical and emotional health in life changing ways.  Way to go Lisa!

Lisa Angelina - Entrepreneur & Audiologist  Asheville, NC    

Lisa Angelina -
Entrepreneur & Audiologist

Asheville, NC


Emily Cashwell - PhD. student in Psychology & Consciousness Studies     Asheville, NC

Emily Cashwell -
PhD. student in Psychology & Consciousness Studies

Asheville, NC

I have had a long history with anxiety, both the kind of incessant worry that makes just about every activity challenging and full blown panic attacks.  Before beginning my work with Kristen, I had been in and out of therapy for about 20 years and had taken medication for 14 years, almost always working with the idea that something was fundamentally wrong with me.  I had little trust in my capacity to handle all that I felt and little trust that a practitioner could see me in my struggle while supporting me to bring about real change.  To that end, my work with Kristen has surprised me in every way!  

On a basic level, my anxiety has certainly diminished.  However, it's really the change in relationship to my body, my sensitivity, and my feelings that has been most impactful.  I have a sense of balance and groundedness that is completely new to me.  I have actually been able to start honing the gift of my sensitivity by separating it from all the fear I built around it.   

If your life has felt out of control, if anxiety has been a constant companion, if you have tried to heal and felt hopeless and given your power over to professionals to diagnose you, I highly recommend checking out what Kristen has to offer.  I sought support for anxiety for 20 years of my life and just recently have become empowered in ways I never dreamed possible.  I can say with complete certainty that working with Kristen has changed my life.  


Brian Relph - Intuitive,    Akashic Tarot Master, & Filmmaker    Asheville, NC

Brian Relph - Intuitive,
Akashic Tarot Master, & Filmmaker
Asheville, NC


Working with Kristen has been life-changing for me!  I came to her for help with my chronic low-back pain and she was able to help me find relief on multiple levels.  First, her intuitive energy healing talents are nothing short of amazing.  I had been struggling with low-back pain for many years, a condition which left me unable to fully engage in and enjoy my life.  Over the course of our sessions, the tightness receded and I began to see a window of hope.  

Possibly the most important thing Kristen did for me was to help me see the connection between my emotional state and my physical pain.  I now have an empowered understanding of the cause and effect relationship between how I hold or process emotion and the state of my physical body.  For a healer as powerful as Kristen, it would be easy to develop a never-ending relationship of dependence, but Kristen is interested in finding the cause of the clients' issues and empowering them to make conscious changes in how they live their lives.  This makes healing a lasting state rather than a temporary fix!  

I cannot recommend her work highly enough.  What a gift she is to the world!    


Erica Mueller - Photographer, The Embody Project Asheville, NC    

Erica Mueller - Photographer,
The Embody Project
Asheville, NC



The results of my work with Kristen have energetically been like someone invisibly untying my too-tight shoelaces and providing immense relief. Aaaaahhhh! The power of Kristen's healing skills has led to some wonderfully surprising transformations in my sense of self and the way I experience myself in the world. I came to Kristen struggling to complete some negative core beliefs about my body that I'd been working on in various ways for years. Within a few months of our work together, I found myself in a bathing suit on the beach, without my negative self-talk. It was so subtle and yet so profound, this shift from fear and self-concern to being able to choose freedom and well-being.  I certainly expected to be both expanded and deepened by working with Kristen, but I wasn't prepared for how radical my shifts would be. I'm so thankful and excited for more!


Willa Robinette - Entrepeneur,  Creator of SuperMylk Portland, Oregon

Willa Robinette - Entrepeneur, 
Creator of SuperMylk
Portland, Oregon


Words can not fully express the gratitude I feel for Kristen and the work she is sharing in this world. I have seen tremendous shifts, emotionally and spiritually in myself, my 5 year old son, and in all the relationships that weave between us, almost immediately after a session with Kristen. It blows my mind every time! Not to mention physical ailments disappearing within 20 minutes after a session as well (rashes, inflamed gums, etc). Kristen holds impeccably clear space; professionally, intuitively, lovingly, beautifully! I highly recommend Kristen and can say with 100% confidence that you will not be disappointed! Thank you Kristen, for all that you do and all the ways you support my family’s well-being and growth!                        


Susan E. Kerr -   Psychic Medium,    Healer, Intuitive Life Coach Sparta, New Jersey

Susan E. Kerr - Psychic Medium, 
Healer, Intuitive Life Coach
Sparta, New Jersey


There are healers and there are those who heal the healers. As a healer, I found it difficult to trust someone to assist me on my own healing journey. I am very sensitive to energy and have found myself out of balance or “off” after a “healing” session with another healer. This changed for me when I experienced a session with Kristen. She uses her innate intuition and connection to tune into her clients and provide a gentle yet powerful healing of those areas and issues most ready to be healed. She is gentle, kind and caring. Kristen is truly a healer’s healer who is a blessing in my life and the lives of everyone she touches.


Josh Berkowitz
Oakland, CA

Kristen is a truly gifted healer and energy worker. She is incredibly intuitive, and is able to access and release deeply hidden material and blockages in her clients’ bodies, hearts, and minds. She has a real gift working from a place of kindness, compassion, and honoring of one’s highest good and potential.

Kristen helped me where others could not. She has been an integral part of my healing from two decades of chronic debilitating spine pain and in supporting my recovery from spine surgery. I am so grateful to Kristen for her capacity to listen deeply to one’s body, to uncover what needs to be seen and healed, and, ultimately, to restore the body, heart, and mind to its natural state of perfection. 


Rose C. -
Asheville, NC

When I came to Kristen, her work spoke to me in a way nothing had before!  I was dealing with complex emotions, past traumas, and behavior patterns that were difficult to break or identify why they began.  Kristen was able to uncover certain blocks, and with her intuitive insight, identify ways to resolve my blocks so that I feel more connected with myself, my path, and my creativity.  My relationship to myself, my husband, and the world around me has significantly changed. 

Looking back at myself when I arrived at Kristen's office, the emotional heaviness and confusion I was experiencing feel so distant from my current state of being.  I feel lighter, clearer, and more at peace.

 I am immensely grateful for Kristen's work!