Physical Ailments

It is my opinion that the physical ailments is our body communicating with us that something is out of balance.  It is a cry for help - a request for you to take action.  It is an opportunity for profound awareness and healing.  

Whether you are suffering from chronic or acute physical symptoms, your body is speaking a clear message and it is yearning for you to listen.  Your soul wants you to become aware of what is happening deep within yourself.  You are not a victim to your pain!  It can be very difficult to not collapse into the experience of pain, especially when it is chronic, and give up hope.  It is with this same level of desperation that your soul is urgently trying to get you to listen and to heal.  

We are by design created to thrive.  
Our pain is a messenger showing us where we have gotten off track.
Discover the truth of your physical pain.