Overwhelm & Anxiety

We have often been taught that being highly sensitive is a problem, OUR problem, that needs to be fixed.  This perspective causes many imbalances to occur from trying not to "feel so much".  Some of these symptoms are anxiety, panic attacks, overwhelm, isolation, and emotional disconnection.  

In our work together, I will support you to embrace your sensitivity as a gift.  We will address your specific symptoms that are blocking you from using your sensitivity to help yourself and others.  In addition to releasing emotional energy and healing imbalances, we will illuminate WHY you feel so overwhelmed and create strategies for you to feel supported when overwhelm is likely to occur.  

Gaining a clearer UNDERSTANDING of what is happening within you =
OPPORTUNITY to make a new choice = EMPOWERMENT  


Emily Cashwell - PhD. student in Psychology & Consciousness Studies
Asheville, NC

I have had a long history with anxiety, both the kind of incessant worry that makes just about every activity challenging and full blown panic attacks.  Before beginning my work with Kristen, I had been in and out of therapy for about 20 years and had taken medication for 14 years, almost always working with the idea that something was fundamentally wrong with me.  I had little trust in my capacity to handle all that I felt and little trust that a practitioner could see me in my struggle while supporting me to bring about real change.  To that end, my work with Kristen has surprised me in every way... 

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