Healing our Fear of the Birthing Journey


This is a 6 week class for women currently pregnant or planning to conceive in the near future. This course is designed to support you in remembering how to listen deeply to intuition, your body, and your baby, and empower you to birth & conceive your baby with Trust, Confidence, and Grace.

Ladies, it is time to remember that empowered birth is our birthright!  Our bodies have an innate knowledge of how to conceive, nurture, and birth a baby naturally and from a place of trust and openness.  It is a powerful rite of passage that we are blessed to receive!  One of the fundamental ways that we, as women can reclaim our power and participate in raising the consciousness of humanity is to replace the imprints of fear and shame that we have inherited from our ancestral lineage and societal beliefs with a deeper trust and remembering of our feminine womb power.  

I am excited and honored to offer a class where we will witness one another with tenderness and vulnerability in a sacred container as we dive into areas of fear and shame.  Together you will receive group healing sessions to support accessing your power more fully.  We will be deconstructing limiting belief patterns that are running the show when moments of fear or vulnerability arise.  We will nurture a conscious connection with your womb and your baby.    And so much more… 

Whether or not you intend to birth in the hospital or at home, or if this is your first birth or you’ve birthed already, this course will support you to trust your innate wisdom as a woman to birth with a feeling of empowerment and connection.

My intention for this class is to both support women to experience the birthing journey from a place of total empowerment AND create a network of powerful women who are committed to a shared vision of birthing from their place of feminine power.  Together we can heal the world.  It begins within each one of us!  

Topics include:

Activating your connection with Mother Earth

Releasing Grief & Shame

Accessing Limiting Belief Patterns around Birthing

Intuitively Guided Birthing & Pregnancy

Accessing Vulnerability

Releasing Fear Around Birthing

Sacred Pregnancy

Creating Strategies to Birth from Your Feminine Power


***The next class series will be November 14 - December 19.

Classes will be on Mondays from 6:30-8:30pm at Women's Center for Whole Body Healing.  

This class is offered as a series only (no drop ins).***


$295.00 – 6-week class


$485.00 – 6-week class Plus ONE 1 1/2 hour Private Session

(Receive focused, individualized support with what arises in class) 


$895.00 – 6-week Course Plus FIVE  1 hour Private Sessions

(This is a deep & thorough inquiry into patterns that may be preventing you from accessing your feminine power) 



Payment Options
     Fulfilling the lifelong dream of   g  iving birth to our son Azeza in the Atlantic Ocean in October 2009                                                   

    Fulfilling the lifelong dream of giving birth to our son Azeza in the Atlantic Ocean in October 2009