All healing events are specifically crafted for women.  

Events are a LIVE ONLINE video stream to serve women anywhere and everywhere!



We ALL experience anxiety and grief.
These emotions have a huge impact on how much and how consistently we experience JOY.

Welcome!  I am so happy that you have come for support!  I am excited and ready to help you feel a deeper sense of peace within yourself. Whether this is your first live experience with me or you have been coming on a monthly basis, I will discover the anxiety and grief that is affecting you the most right now, release it, and offer healing energy to support you to more palpably feel joy, love, and trust.       

You may have been attracted to receive healing this month because you are highly aware of anxiety and grief impacting your daily life and you are ready for a change!  Maybe you have panic attacks and feel like the world is collapsing around you.  Perhaps you experienced a recent tragedy and you are in an active state of grieving.  In this healing, I will support you to release the anxiety and grief that is most acutely affecting your life right now and send you healing energy to assist you to return to a state of peace and balance.   

Sometimes we are less aware of how anxiety and grief are affecting our life circumstances.  In these instances, the emotions are an older, subconscious undercurrent that long ago became the lens through which you perceive ALL of your life.  They are a comfort zone you have used to protect your vulnerability AND they have also prevented you from creating more consistent opportunities to experience joy in your life.  In this healing, I will facilitate finding the next layers of buried anxiety and grief that are having the most impact on your life right now and release them.  This will support you to make choices from a place of love rather than from outmoded patterns of fear.     


Come together with women across the globe to Heal your Heart and amplify your experience of peace, connection, and love!

I love you and am honored to support you on your healing journey.

What women are saying about healing events with Kristen...


"Kristen's work is potent, thorough, and incredibly deep.  She is among the clearest channels of Guidance and healing I have ever met." - emily

"having worked with many healers, i can honestly say that the only one who has changed my life is Kristen D'amato." - susan 

"I have Truly felt myself turning an emotional and spiritual corner.  Thank you for that!" - Stephanie

The cost of this event is $20 (U.S.)
This event will be in English.  For all of my friends around the globe, you do not need to understand the words to receive the full benefits of the healing!  
The event will be approximately 1 hour.    


1) Please click on the Paypal button to pay and reserve your spot.  

2) After you have paid, you will be redirected back to my website.  Please click on the button and fill out your email on the payment confirmation page.  You will be sent a link to the live video prior to the event at the email address you enter. 

***You must do both steps to access the event!***