This 3 hour immersion takes place in your home! (in the Asheville, NC area only - please contact me if you are regional)

I will facilitate and support you to learn how to cook FAST, plant-based & gluten-free meals.

I will show you, using your own equipment, how to make eating healthy and plant-based EASY!  

This immersion is UNIQUELY DESIGNED for each individual or family as everyone has different skills and knowledge in the kitchen.  

The immersion is equally beneficial to someone who has little to no experience with eating plant-based or even vegetarian, to the seasoned vegan who is looking for some new recipes and support creating faster, healthier, more balanced meals.  

Some focus topics are : meal planning, short cuts and kitchen efficiency, and staple recipes

Included in the investment is a copy of my cookbook -
FOOD for the light body - simple, plant-based & gluten-free recipes for the body & soul.    


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