HEALING Immersions


Are you excited and ready to jump start your healing experience NOW?!

Healing Immersions are 3-4 hour healing journeys that allow us to dive deep into a particular block or challenge you are suffering from.  

During our time together, I will apply my Wheel of Whole Body Healing model to facilitate energetic and emotional releases, as well as to initiate deep healing and activation.  In addition, we will discuss tools and strategies to support your continued healing after our immersion day is complete.  

Healing immersions are excellent if you live out of town and want to travel to Asheville for a deep healing experience.  

They are excellent to initiate deep change and then follow up with weekly in person or Skype sessions.

Healing immersions are a perfect way to support moving through a block when you are on the precipice of a big breakthrough.  

Healing Immersions are custom designed to best support each clients needs.


If you are seeking SUPPORT & BIG CHANGE NOW
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