Many people have said,

“I could easily be plant-based if I could cook like you.” 

FOOD for the light body is my response to this call. 


FOOD for the light body is designed to be a guide for you to easily prepare delicious, plant-based meals.  It is an entry point for those excited to experiment with plant-based cooking, and also provides staple recipes for the seasoned vegan.  The recipes are simple, most of which can be quickly prepared to support a full and balanced life. 

FOOD for the light body

EMPOWERS - reclaim your optimum health by choosing foods that deeply nourish and revitalize you.

EDUCATES – learn to cook simple, balanced, plant-based meals that heal your body and the planet.

INSPIRES – engage your creativity and travel the world in your kitchen with a wide assortment of international flavors.

ELEVATES - choose and experience love, vitality, and joy through the food you eat.   


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Every moment is an opportunity to make a new choice.
The more we choose a clear intention of love and compassion towards ourselves and all living beings, the more joy and fulfillment we experience.

We all have a seat in the great orchestra of life.  To make beautiful music together, we must each embody our greatest potential.  The plant and animal kingdoms remember their divine blueprint and how to play it out with perfection.  We, as humans, have a different journey of remembering, one where the mind often overshadows the heart.  In every moment we are choosing between love and fear.  This struggle is at the heart of the healing journey.  We are all on it.  It is an essential part of the human experience and it affects all aspects of us.  The more often we choose love, the healthier our bodies, emotions, finances, and relationships will be.  The more often we choose love, the more we remember our life's purpose and highest service.

Every time you eat, every food choice you make, is an opportunity to choose love.  What you eat has a profound impact on your own health, as well as on the health of the planet and collective consciousness.  Are you consciously choosing food that enhances your vitality? 

I have put together this cookbook as an invitation for you to love yourself more freely through food.  My intention is to support you to welcome more meals into your diet that reflect love, compassion, and happiness; to access a deeper acknowledgment of the value of your life; and to awaken you to a feeling of connection with all life everywhere.

It is through choosing love that we experience empowerment and joy.
May this Food for the Light Body be a gift on your journey of healing and self-discovery.

In Love,