Many people have said,

“I could easily be plant-based if I could cook like you.” 

FOOD for the light body is my response to this call. 


FOOD for the light body is designed to be a guide for you to easily prepare delicious, plant-based meals.  It is an entry point for those excited to experiment with plant-based cooking, and also provides staple recipes for the seasoned vegan.  The recipes are simple, most of which can be quickly prepared to support a full and balanced life. 

FOOD for the light body

EMPOWERS - reclaim your optimum health by choosing foods that deeply nourish and revitalize you.

EDUCATES – learn to cook simple, balanced, plant-based meals that heal your body and the planet.

INSPIRES – engage your creativity and travel the world in your kitchen with a wide assortment of international flavors.

ELEVATES - choose and experience love, vitality, and joy through the food you eat.   


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