Awakening Mothers:
Support for a Mother and Her Child
from Birth through the Teen Years

Our children are constantly reflecting opportunities for us to grow and evolve.  
Will you embrace the teaching they are offering and support them
from a place of unconditional love through your willingness to love yourself more deeply?

The purpose of this offering is to support our children with navigating the unseen, energetic and emotional exposure that they experience primarily via family dynamics.  Our children are directly effected by our own processes of evolution.  They feel everything and process things for us.  This can become very overwhelming to a child and can be the root cause of challenging behaviors and sometimes physical symptoms as well.  

I am inviting you to not use your children as an excuse to stay small in this world! 
Whenever you are resisting growth and expansion in your own being, your children are inviting you (sometimes it feels like a challenging you :) to grow.  It is not about fixing them, it is about approaching all imbalances in the family as a creative collaboration that all souls are participants in - the final display of this work of art being the highest evolution of each person in the family.  

We are not separate from our children.  When something is going on for them, this is also a mirror for you.

Sometimes their imbalances manifest as something that is particularly challenging and evokes fear in the parents.  Our hearts are tested when our children are suffering. 

How do you know if this is a good fit for you and your child?

1. If you are a mother that wants to be the best parent she can be.  Perhaps you are aware of behaviors and patterns that you do not want to keep repeating in relationship to your child.  Perhaps you are seeing yourself defaulting to behaviors that one of your parents did with you that you hoped you would never do with your own child.  Together we can create new pathways to serve yourself and your child's needs from a place of more clarity, compassion, and love.    

2.  If your child is "acting out".  Perhaps they have behavioral challenges that are difficult in and out of the household and you don't quite understand the best course of action to lovingly support them.  Perhaps your child is experiencing physical symptoms, acute or chronic, that you would like to explore a more macrocosmic understanding of why they are experiencing imbalances to begin with.  

Honestly, this work is a fantastic fit for any mother who is wanting to support her child from a place of deeper love that is willing to see her relationship with this other soul as a collaborative effort for all to evolve.  

To learn more, let's have a conversation! 
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