I am a seeker and a scientist.  I believe there is magic all around us and that each of us is part of this magic.  

I once had a mentor tell me that I was an "energetic surgeon".  He said that I could see the body with such precision, get right to root of what was happening, and "cut" it out.  At the time I didn't totally get what he was saying yet deep inside of me I felt the truth of his words.  

As a very young child, I felt deeply connected to Spirit.  I fully believed in One's responsibility and devotion to the evolution of human consciousness.  This led me on a path of great exploration of both the inner and outer realms.  I dreamed of creating a community of conscious beings that would commit to uplifting themselves, and in turn the world around them.  This vision inspired a lifelong dedication of opening to and remembering the vast capabilities we have housed within each one of us.

I am my own guinea pig!  I have a deep knowing that how my life is flowing is a direct reflection of my inner world.  I trust that if I am having a challenge with a relationship, finances, a family member, etc. that these are opportunities for me to heal.  This profound sense of faith came from experimenting with myself time and time again.  Becoming a mother quickened the curve balls that were being thrown at me.  I became aware that opportunities to heal were arising moment by moment.  Being the investigative scientist that I am, I took many of these chances to practice my healing capacities on myself.  I had a rigorous practice of identifying an emotion as it arose and finding where it resided in my body.  Then I could feel the many layers of how this emotional energy was affecting me.  Once aware,  I released it and transmitted healing energy to it.  As I gained expertise on this technique, I began integrating this practice with my current energy healing clients.  During this time, my practice of working with emotional energy and my meditation practice rapidly advanced my personal evolution and understanding of the inner and multidimensional realms.  

I had graduated to the next level of awareness!  I was now able to truly understand what my mentor meant when he said I was an energetic surgeon.  I could feel and sense people's unexpressed emotions when I was near them.  I could feel where these emotions were located in their body and how they were affecting it.  I could feel the energy releasing when we were in session together.  I could feel the healing energy coming out of my hands into the person's body and energy fields, restoring the body back to optimum health.  I put this new skill set together with all of the other modalities and healing experiences I had already been practicing over the years.  I developed a methodology that tracked all of the information I was receiving and experiencing in session work.   I experienced over and over again that physical pain and discomfort were almost always the soul's way of communicating patterns of disempowerment that are ready to heal.  I tested over time how the system I created brought HUGE results.  I call this system The Wheel of Whole Body Healing.  This system is alive and dynamic!  It is ever evolving.  


A few of the ways healing with The Wheel of Whole Body Healing has affected my life are... 

- I have cultivated a 6 figure business that supports people to love, honor, and heal themselves.

- I have become much more aware of my connection with Spirit, in turn awakening my psychic abilities and understanding how to use them to best support myself and others.

- I have shed layers of fear around expressing my vulnerability and have inspired others to open their hearts to kindness, forgiveness, and love.

- I have healed many physical ailments which have allowed me to feel relief AND gain wisdom from understanding the root cause. It has been LIFE CHANGING!  It has allowed me to make different choices, consciously, in each interaction I have.   

- I have felt a deeper sense of connection to life on this planet and beyond than I knew was previously possible.

- I have learned to have loving, non-violent communication with my husband and my son teaching him to live reverently and choose love over violence ( toward himself and others ).

- I have chosen to live a life from a place of love rather than fear - again and again and again ...


I feel so blessed to do the work I do.  It is a humbling and gorgeous path filled with love beyond words.  I have witnessed so many profound, life changing experiences for many clients over the past decade of developing my work.

Are you ready to have a journey of profound healing and support ?




You are my Beloved.

 I open my heart to you.  

Sufi proverb